Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Strange World of Guys

I don't understand guys. They're not like us at all.
Lately, my husband and son Thomas (almost 16) have been SO into sports that I don't fit into their world anymore. They love ESPN, baseball, NASCAR, football, and even when those buff guys on tv lift heavy things--they watch THAT. They fish. They play golf. Stuff I don't get.
The other night they were playing basketball. Close to 10 p.m--they were really into it--sweating, running around. I watched from the window for a minute. Then I decided to join them. At least hang out.
"What 'cha doing?" I said.
"Having a contest. First one to 21 points wins," Thomas said. "Here, I'll get a chair and you can watch."
A chair? He cares if I watch?
So, I cheered for both of them. I got excited. Then Thomas explained the game in more detail. They tied. Thomas said, "You want to try and shoot, Mom?"
Me? He's asking me to shoot? I did. I made a few baskets. Nothing remarkable but not terrible either.
I learned something about guys. The two at my house don't like to sit and chat at Starbucks. They'd never want to lie on a towel in the sun and tell you their secrets, like my daughters. But if you can somehow enter their mysterious guy world, they'll talk. If you can find common ground in their world of sports, they'll open up.
Crazy, but that's how it works at my house.
Guys have to be DOING something to talk. So weird.
At least I finally figured it out though.

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