Monday, June 04, 2007

Give Thanks

This time of the year, I find myself very, very thankful. It is the final hours of school before summer break. I have two and a half days to go, to be exact. I would give you the minute by minute breakdown, but that would just sound pathetic. (But I do know it.)

Yes, I'm thankful. I'm thankful that I have resisted the urge to yell at anyone. Tension runs high at a school, especially a high school, in the last days. I'm thankful that this year I didn't beg God for an Apocalypse to take me out because I couldn't make the last week or two. I'm thankful to every student who recognizes that "get out of my face before I have a meltdown" look that hits every May. I'm thankful I remembered how hideous the cafeteria food is during this time and brought my lunch to avoid their "clean out the freezer" recipes.

I'm grateful for a summer ahead to read, read, read. And to travel (Europe, here I come!). And I get to write a book. And I get to catch up on a little TV (Reruns? Nope, new to me!). I have a musical to see (Spamalot!), a concert or two to hit (Keith Urban, hubba-hubba!), and I get to hit the stage for Bible school at church. And of course...I get to sleep in. Woo-hoo!

We have all made it to the end. So long school year 2006-2007. Bring on summer! Bring on fun! I pray this is a memorable summer for you. Be safe, be blessed, and slather on that sunscreen. And if you're like me, just give thanks...for time to finally breathe. I love me some summer--thank you, God!

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