Thursday, June 28, 2007

Introducing Shannon Primicerio

Hi, I'm Shannon Primicerio. I'm the author of eight books to teen girls and one book to twenty-somethings. Some of you may know me best from my first book The Divine Dance. Recently, I just released a new Bible study series based on the lives of Miriam, Hagar and Leah. Each one is designed as a six week study, perfect for small group or quiet time use. I'm very excited about them!

I love the California sunshine, New York Yankees baseball and dark chocolate. My husband is my best friend in the entire world, and he and I are both addicted to the TV show 24. When it comes to entertainment I definately prefer action and adventure over romantic comedies. But that's probably because I live my own fairytale. So who need a fake one, right?

You can look for regular blog posts from me on the 13th and 28th of every month. If you miss me in the meantime you can visit me at my website or on MySpace. I'd love to be added as one of your friends!


GINA said...

Hi, Shannon! You left a comment on my blog "Chats with an old lady", and I am just wondering how you FOUND my blog! ( :

My daughter thought it was VERY COOL that you left me a message! She just started reading "The Divine Dance" this morning. She has also given one of your book to her dearest friend, for a birthday present! So...we're helping the girls of girl at a time!!

GINA said...
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Jenny B. Jones said...

So glad to "meet" you, Shannon! It's great to have you on G3.

GINA said...
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Grammyt254 said...

Hi, Shannon...I am so glad to find out about you..I have been receiving your devotionals and sending them to my granddaughter's email. I am 54, a bank teller, and as I said, a grandmother who has custody of my 10 yr.old granddaughter, Cailey. She is having such a hard time with self-esteem issues, and peer issues. Her life is sad most days, due to a lot of conflict in our lives with my daughter, (her mother), and her little sister, who still lives with my daughter. Ashlyn is 7. It is a very sad, dysfunctional situation...I so want to be able to explain further to you about the girls...I would love to actually speak to you by phone or even just email you. The email address that I tried does not work for some reason...? Could you email me back? I want to buy some of your books, but don't know which one would be the most appropriate for Cailey who will be turning 11 in about 2 wks.
Anyway, God bless you for what you are doing. I feel God led me to you. My husband and I are so concerned about both girls...We need help...Tina Blackwell, Columbia, S.C.