Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jealousy: Relationship Killer

One of the biggest problems that women of all ages face on a daily basis is jealousy. There are many things that can attack your heart and ultimately your relationships. If you had a physical heart problem, the doctor would tell you to develop some healthy habits. The same is true with your spiritual heart. As a Christian, we must monitor our heart. If you have a heart problem, it will affect all of you. You need to develop some healthy habits so that your heart does not become infected and ruin your relationships.

What is jealousy? Jealousy says, “I like what you’ve got; I don’t like the fact that you have it, and I want it.” We have all had that thought at some point in our lives. The truth is that most jealous people are not happy people. They spend their thoughts, time and energy comparing themselves to everyone else.

Jealousy is not a hopeless cause. There is a cure to your jealousy. Go out of your way to celebrate the one who threatens you. This is not an easy cure because it is unnatural for us to celebrate the greatness of someone who threatens us. I am an author, and I am also friends with a lot of other authors. Most of these people are much better than I am at writing so there is a tendency for me to be jealous of them. I have a choice to make after I read their material. I can either celebrate them or exhibit jealousy in my heart. The later is much easier.

Have you ever known someone who upstages you in everything? Does their success bother you? I have a friend who seems to be the queen of everything. She is beautiful, funny, talented, intelligent and skinny. People flock to her, and when I am around her I feel like the queen of nothing. I have learned to celebrate the things in her that make me jealous. I celebrate that she is beautiful, funny, talented, intelligent and skinny. I began by celebrating those truths in my heart. After time, I was able to celebrate her greatness out loud. The more you celebrate others, the more God weeds jealousy out of your heart.
Jealousy can attack your heart and leave you lifeless. It will drain the joy out of your relationships. The cure to a jealous heart is to celebrate. Make it a habit to celebrate openly whoever threatens you secretly.

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