Monday, June 25, 2007

V.I.F.s and Cell Minutes (ugh)

Four V.I.F.s (Very Important Facts) you should know about me:

1. Approximately three-fourths of my personality is caffeine. Mostly found in the form of coffee, though I’m about to go get a peach iced tea (oh my gosh, so perfect for summer!).
2. I am twenty-two, I’m not married, and I believe that heaven will smell like Starbucks. I’m still trying find a Bible verse to back that up with, so if you’ve seen one, let me know!
3. I work at my church with the high school girls and I also write chick-lit. Two extra reasons to tip the coffee mug a bit higher, but I absolutely love both my jobs!
4. I recently spent…no exaggeration here…936 minutes on my cell phone. Over the course of ONE – that’s the number one – ONE month.

One month! That’s like more than half an hour on the phone a day!

Yet another thing you should know about me: I’m not that fond of the phone. Actually, I’ve been known to say I hate the phone. I would so much rather sit opposite someone at a table at Starbucks than talk to them through a slice of some form of metal.

So, the real mystery is whom was using my cell phone to make a ridiculous number of calls to random people like my boss, my mom, my friends, my girls I meet with…um…

Yeah. Okay, so we don’t need to call Scotland Yard (even though listening to their accents would be pretty awesome).

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know that if you’d like to get in touch with me, I can be reached after 9PM.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Erynn ☺


daflowers said...

An indy coffee house on my route a few years ago had the following on their cups:

"On Coffee and Why It Makes the World Go Round:

With a good cup of coffee in hand, things happen.
Books are written.
Tests are studied for.
Newspapers are read.
And let us not forget the meetings met,
paintings painted,
theories theorized.
Coffee, but a mere beverage,
is quite important."

I currently have it posted on my wall at work.

Jenny B. Jones said...

Welcome Erynn!! Glad you've joined us.

Suzanne Eller said...

welcome Erynn. So glad to hear one more fresh voice on GGGL.

Suzie Eller

Jeanne Damoff said...

Glad you're here, Erynn!

Julie Garmon said...

Hello to our new friend!