Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to school word challenge

I can almost hear the collective groans of students heading back to school this week. I’m actually a little sad because the guy who plays piano for my worship team on Sundays is heading down south to college on Thursday, and yesterday was his last time playing worship for me for a long time. I’m especially sad because he’s, well, brilliant at piano.

Anyway, yesterday we said goodbye to students heading off to college and talked to other students who’ve already started classes (poor guys).

While the start of school isn’t necessarily a cause for jubilation, I want to challenge you to pick a particular word or scripture for this coming year. Spend some quality time in prayer with God—more than a couple minutes, anyway—and ask Him what He wants you to focus on for this year.

It might be a challenge to your habits, like patience or discipline. Or it might be a spiritual challenge, like thankfulness or joy or respect for your parents.

God will give you that word if you ask Him. And if you write it up on your wall or bulletin board (or maybe as the screensaver on your computer), you’ll remember it this coming year.

Your word might end up being your lifeline this year. God always has something He wants to grow in us, and I’ve found that this “word for the year” works to help me focus on what He’s doing in me.

So spend a few minutes in prayer, in your Bible, in private worship. Ask Him to give you that word, and watch Him transform you and your coming school year.

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