Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Life would be easy without people's problems!

I rarely get cranky ... I'm a pretty easy going person. But there are a few things that bug me.

Being late. I hate it.
Appointments. Ugh.
Paperwork. Just shoot me.
People who complain. Which makes me laugh reading the above list!

Yesterday included all of the above. It started when I woke up in a funk and kicked off when my puppy chewed up an ant poison stake. (I learned from my vet to make your dog puke just give him a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. It works!)

The call to the vet and the puking made us late for my grandma and son's eye appointments, which made everyone complain. And guess what was waiting when I got home? Edits and paperwork.

(Oh, yes, and the dog is fine!)

Being alive would be easy if there weren't dogs and people and problems, but I need to remember life isn't about my world, my comfort. Life is about LIFE.

When babies are born, the world centers around them. They only think of their needs. As we grow, it's the job of our parents to open our eyes to the world around us ... to help us understand "It's Not All About Me."

We get this ... most of the time, but spiritual growth has the same goal. "Love the Lord, love others like yourself." Hmmm ... easy to say, not so easy to do.

How are you doing? Here are some questions to ask. Then ... well, I'll leave the answers up to you.

--Is there someone who is going through a hard time that I haven't helped like I should?

--Do I look down on others who I don't think are "as good as" me?

--Do I ignore old people or people that are different?

--Do I keep others waiting?

--Do I carelessly forget when someone asks me for help?

--Do I keep silent when I should speak out?

--Do I butt in too quickly when I shouldn't?

--Do I let myself be bothered by things that really aren't that important?

--Do I accept when trouble comes my schedule gets messed up?

Just a few things to think about. I know I will be thinking about them ... and trying to figure out how to work on that "loving others" part of life.

--Tricia Goyer

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Elizabeth said...

I liked your Lesson or whatever it was..I am thankful for your advice so...THANK YOU!!!!