Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ah, when times change...

So, this week is an exciting week for me because one of my best friends is coming back to New Mexico for a visit after living in Israel. She moved about two years ago and I haven't seen her in more than a year. Big Huge Change: She's married now! Last time I saw her, she was seriously dating this guy, now she's married to him.

Confession: This is kinda freaking me out a little. Mostly because I know it will be different, and as much as I like change in general (like redecorating, traveling, etc.), relationships changing scare me.

But change seems to be what God's got in store for me in the near future. I'm in a wedding this weekend where another one of my best friends will say I do. I plan on wearing waterproof mascara, just so you know.

I'm being reminded even as I'm writing this that there is one thing that doesn't change. Even when seasons, friends, people, relationships, or just everything around me is in a complete freefall, God promised that He stays consistent. James 1:17 says that God doesn't change like the shifting shadows. He's there and He's the same - yesterday, today and forever.

Definitely a comforting thought for me right now. :)

I hope all of you are having a wonderful week and enjoying the cooler weather!


Erynn :)


Timothy Fish said...

I am beginning to love change. It is Solomon who said that the end of a thing is better than the beginning. (Ecclesiates 7:8) I have this crazy notion that when people get married they ought to stay that way, but other than that I like change. I have friends that I miss because they moved or a relationship took an unexpected twist, but there are always new friends or a deeper relationship with old friends to help fill the gap. Life is a great adventure and it is exciting to think that there is something better just around the corner.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME post! :-)


QallieQ said...

I miss my bestfriend as well... she is currently in Cambodia running an orphanage... I feel so selfish, but I really wish God would call upon her to serve...just a littel closer to me.