Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Sister Trap

Tricia Goyer here ...

Growing up my favorite movie was The Parent Trap. You know, it's the story about a young girl who goes to summer camp and meets the twin she never knew. Why? I grew up with my mom ... and later my mom and step dad. All through those years I didn't know my biological dad, and I always dreamed I had a sister out there.

Fast-forward a few years and I decide to get curious. Not only did I find my biological dad, I discovered I have four amazing sisters. Not one .... but four!

Last week one of those sisters, her husband, and her three kids visited me and we had a great vacation. I wanted to share a few pictures. I also wanted to offer hope.

--Sometimes our deepest desires are answered in ways greater than we could ever imagine.

--Even if we have "complicated" family situations, God can bring them around for His good.

--And, whether through genetics, or spiritual adoption as children of God, it's cool to discover someone in your family. We need each other!

Our trip to Glacier National Park!

Lesley and Tricia


Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

Our hiking friend


The Ram who joined our picnic

I wasn't willing to share!

My nieces and nephew

P.S. My new book for teen girls, My Life, Unscripted is now on store shelves!


Anonymous said...

We had a great visit! Love ya!

Dionna said...

That goat is so cute! I get sick of the Parent Trap - it's on TV allllll the time. We even have it. But I am thrilled that you could find some missing people and pieces of your heart. That's important.