Monday, October 01, 2007


A plain old fence is a walloping good resource for all sorts of spiritual truths. I like fences. They keep the dog in and the coyotes out. Coons don't slow down for a fence though.
I see fence illustrations pop up at the most unusual times. Usually during conversations.
For instance, I was talking with . . . no that's not accurate . . . I was being talked at by a young man. He described what was wrong with his present situation. I got a clear picture of his goal. It was the grass on the other side of the fence. I listened to another lady and saw her perched on her fence. She was going to jump off on whatever side looked most comfortable as soon as she knew where the other fence-sitters were going to jump. Then there was the man busily building fences around his rights, his possessions, his time. He was going to be pretty lonely in there when he got the last planks nailed in place. You all know the teen who is tearing down fences, even the fences designed to protect. But I met a lady who was tired of the fences in the same way a teen might be. After years of living according to the rules, she decided to bust out. From my position, sitting on the sidelines, I don't think it profited her much. She lost the valuables that had been inside her fence, and allowed ravaging beasties to enter her home and wreck what was left.
Fences are an interesting way to look at life. Consider what is your most important fence and why it is there. What are using it for? To keep your goods safe, to keep people out, as a comfortable place to sit? You may want to repair your fence or tear it down. Depends, doesn't it? It depends on if your fence lines up with God's will.

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