Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Wasters

You know what? Wasting time is not always such a bad thing. I'm going to give you two links (last time I tried to embed an image, it was a total flop.) so you can see what I look at when I allow myself to waste time..

NO. 1 A bird dancing
This one lifts my soul. I started bopping with this cockatiel and enjoyed life for one minute and sixteen seconds with absolutely no guilt.

NO. 2 A lady dancing:
This one you could argue is not wasting time. Aren't you analyzing your mind? Getting a better understanding of yourself? Try watching the lady dancing with some one else. It isn't a trick. It isn't a trick. The other person watching will see something different than you.

So why don't I think these two activities are not bad things? Because I didn't spend time while I was supposed to do something else. For instance, if I was a heart surgeon and while I had someone's chest open in the OR, I decided to take a one minute and 16 second break to watch the bird dance, the person on the table would be justified in calling me to task for wasting time.

It's all relative, isn't it? Singing praise songs would be wasting time if God called you to blow up balloons at that moment for your grandmother's 100th birthday party.
Sometimes the choices are not so clear. And then . . . well, then some of us have the Holy Spirit to help us discern. I'm grateful for the HS's help. I might spend all my time watching ladies and birds dance.

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Shelley Adina said...

Oh my ... I watched the bird dancing and laughed so hard I have tears running down my face. My husband is downstairs going "What IS that?" Thanks for this, Donita!

Shelley A., also a bird rescuer