Friday, October 12, 2007

A Top Ten List!

So, I was thinking about this the other day. I want to share with you something that means so much to me, I’ve even cataloged the reasons I love them so much. There’s depth there. Serious depth.

I’m speaking of my fuzzy blue slippers. Here they are:

Cute, huh? Yeah, they’re a little ratty, a little dirty maybe (all shoes are), but underneath the matted fuzz and the pieces of the bush that’s right outside my front door, there’s a slipper that warms my heart every time I slide my toes in.

Thus the list you are about to see:


10. Sometimes I have klutzy moments and spill something on my beautiful slippers. Which is horrible, but these slippers? They’re basically stain proof!
9. They have hard plastic on the bottom, so that means I don’t have to worry where I step. Worry-free slippers. What a way to go!
8. They’re the perfect shade of blue - not too dark, not too light. A calming color. They’d probably make my eyes pop if I held them next to my face, which I don’t because they’re shoes and...ick.
7. The fuzzy material is all the way around on the inside. My foot is encased in the blissful softness
6. Well. They’re fuzzy.
5. It’s so relaxing to pull my feet out of painful, boring, everyday shoes and slide into something warm and soft.
4. There is a base of memory foam in these slippers. I, and only I, can wear these. They are personalized.
3. Since there isn’t a back to them, they keep my feet a comfortable warm, but not hot.
2. They work well with any apparel I’m wearing: Jeans, Pajamas, Dresses, Swimsuits...
1. They’re sqooshy!

I hope that this week you'll join me in relaxing and remembering that we're not in control and you know what? That is totally and completely fine with me! Whatever is going on in our lives, let's leave it in the hands of Christ and focus on stuff we can change - like our shoes! ;)

Have a good week, everyone!

Erynn :)


Lynda Schab said...

LOL. Your slippers could be my slippers twins (would they be considered twins or quads?). But mine are dark blue. Otherwise, identical! And I can relate to every one of those reasons. I am rarely seen around the house without my slippers. :-)

Timothy Fish said...

Twins? Quads? It is a shame they aren't bunny slippers, then they could be a litter.

rebornbutterfly :) said...

i love this post!!

great slippers!!

QallieQ said...

I loved todays post, I also love my fuzzy slippers, only mine are pink.
Oh and I can't wait until book 3 comes out....