Monday, November 19, 2007


As a writer I rely on and check e-mail daily. It’s not unusual for me to check it three or four times in one day, especially when communicating with one of my editors about a writing assignment.

Most people would skip to the inbox and ignore the junk or “bulk” folder knowing that most of the contents are garbage anyway. I’ve found lately that I check that folder BECAUSE I know it contains garbage. I’ve been receiving a lot of really yucky stuff lately and I want it gone! Just knowing it’s there makes me feel contaminated. I can’t check off those messages and click “Delete All” fast enough.

Thinking about this new pattern of mine triggered a question. Is it possible that I’m allowing other things to sneak in and contaminate my mind and heart as well—books, movies, television show choices, and even my own words that simply aren’t as in-your-face obvious as e-mails about . . . I won’t even say it . . . bleck! Suddenly I feel a bit convicted to pay closer attention to what I allow into my mind. After all, our minds are powerful and not easily erased.

What about you? What offends you to the point of making you feel contaminated when you see or hear it? Or maybe you aren’t easily offended and wonder if that’s such a good thing? Ask God to reveal the things that have the power to muck up your mind? What lovely and glorifying things can you replace all that with?

I’d love to hear what you come up with.


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