Sunday, November 18, 2007

Straight UP!

I have seen FIVE stars this week. Five! Cinco! Before I get into last Saturday's super star sighting, let me show you who I saw today. The pictures are of course awful! She was right in front of me and my camera would NOT cooperate!

Okay, if you close your left eye and squint with the right, you will clearly see that you are looking at none other than Miss Paula Abdul. For real. She was at my high school for a dance conference and showed our girls some moves. I was not invited, which hurts my tender feelings, so along with two other teachers, had to sneak in a back door. And bust out a window. And clip a wire on the security system. And dress in camo. But we got in. When Jennifer Jones smells celebrity, you cannot keep her away!

Here she is again.

"Come on, Jen. Get down here and shake your groove thang...before security escorts you out." And I'm all like, "No, no, Paula. I don't want to show you up. We both know how sensitive you are."

Not only is she sensitive (please reference every episode ever aired of American Idol if you don't believe me), but she's also extremely short! And I don't mean maybe. Check out this photo of Paula standing next to our athletic director...

She's like, "Am I in the land of the giants? Please don't eat me!" Paula is what you call teeny tiny.

And now...drum roll please...
Saturday morning, I was at the Wal-Mart home offices at 6:35 a.m., when normally I am pillow deep in sleepy time, and ...well, BEHOLD!!!

On your left you have Denzel Washington, known for fine movies such as The Hurricane, in which he totally got the Oscar shaft. Then in the middle you have OPRAH WINFREY!!!!! Can you even believe it??? And on your far right you have Wal-Mart CEO, Lee Scott. There was also a famous producer there named Harvey Weinstein, who has produced every movie ever made apparently, but I didn't really know him. But says he used to weigh 300 pounds, so I don't know if he's very successful movie-wise, but apparently he has enjoyed some Jenny Craig success.

The three celebs were there to talk about their new movie, The Debaters. Oprah was a co-producer and Denzel directs and stars. You can Google it if you want the skinny on it, but the trailer was good!

But I was like FIFTEEN feet away from Lady O. Not even kidding.
Well, there are more pics and joyous moments from this event, but they will have to wait until next Monday. No, please don't email me and beg me to share before then because I won't, I tell you. But if I do run into my sixth celebrity for the week, I'll be sure and post that. Especially if they are shorter than Paula. Because that would just be freakishly weird.

Any of you guys had any celeb sightings? I'd love to hear them!

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Erin said...

Woooaahhh! That is amazing! SO COOL. And, ugh, what school gets Paula Abdul to come teach them dance moves? So not fair.

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

That's like a super-sighting. I thought you lived in the middle of nowhere??

So unfair.

Jenny B. Jones said...

Face it, ladies, Arkansas is THE place to be! In one week I saw Oprah, Denzel, that producer guy, Paula, AND Chris Tomlin! It was like heaven for this People magazine junkie.