Friday, November 16, 2007

Sick and Enjoying it!

We have strep throat, plain colds, and an allergy assault upon the house.
What do you do when you are ill?
Laughter? Here's a site I enjoy. I subscribe to the newsletters and get wonderful things like: Today's CleanPun - "Pedestrians"
"A pedestrian is a person who should be seen and not hurt."

A Good Book? How about this one?
VANISHED by Kathryn Mackel

A terrorist's bomb. A rogue experiment. An impenetrable mist.

And no one is coming to help.

After a bomb explodes in a working-class neighborhood of Barcester, Massachusetts, Police sergeant Jason Logan fights to keep order and assist the injured while desperately waiting for aid to arrive. Is the mist from the bomb preventing ambulances and fire trucks from coming in? Or has something far more dire occurred?

As the hours tick by, Logan tracks the terrorist mastermind-whom he learns is not done wreaking havoc. Cut off from modern medical resources, nurse-practitioner Kaya de los Santos treats the injured and soothes the fearful, unaware that her teenaged son Ben is on the run from both the cops and the terrorist.

The vanished begin a battle for survival against enemies they've always known-and forces they've never even imagined.

To read a full chapter of this spine tingling novel go to ChapterAWeek or order it online at

A cup of tea!

I hope everyone in your house is healthy. If not, enjoy the time to indulge in something delightful.

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