Monday, December 17, 2007

Meet at McDonald's

This past Sunday my Sunday school girls and I went to McDonald's during Sunday school. What is it about getting together for a meal that's so special? I figured, it's almost Christmas. Let's just do it. Celebrate.

I've been teaching high school girls on Sunday mornings for about 15 years. I had more show up yesterday than I've had all year--plus two new girls.

When we got back to church somebody said, "Did you still teach your lesson?"

Good question. We couldn't sit together at one big table so we lined up in lots of small ones. So, no. I didn't teach a prepared lesson. Instead, I went around to each person and said, "How can I pray for you this week?"

EVERYBODY had something coming up and asked for prayer.

One had a friend commit suicide this past Wednesday.

A few had parents going through a divorce.

Almost everybody has finals next week.

Maybe I did teach a lesson.

Love you much,



Jenny B. Jones said...

Very cool, Julie. They definitely took something away from that experience.

Timothy Fish said...

It have forgotten where I saw it but one author stated that we are to teach and sometimes we have to use words. The point was that it is more important that the students learn what they need to learn than what it is for us to got through the motion of "teaching" a class.

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks, you two. I felt His Spirit with me despite not "following the rules." They just wanted to know they matter and that somebody cares.


Debbie said...

Sounds like an AWESOME lesson! Sometimes, people forget the best way to teach is by example...