Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Appreciate a Dragon TODAY

Several years ago when DragonSpell first came out, I was reading a book about how to market your book. One of the suggestions was to register a new holiday. So I registed appreciate a dragon day, or AADD. Just recently someone, I think my webmaster, asked, "Have you googled AADD lately?" Well, I don't think I'd ever googled AADD.
So I did.
SHOCK! It's all over the place. I sent emails to many of the people and places that have given it a boost. It was not only a publicity ploy but something that is dear to my heart: promoting literacy.
You can go to my website to get more info on this interesting holiday and some suggestions on how to celebrate.

I'm shaking my head. God sure does some things I never saw coming.

Enjoy Appreciate a Dragon Day, January 16th, every year.

Different, fun. Life isn't always serious.

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