Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I have been kitty-sitting for two weeks. The owner comes to pick up Esmeralda tomorrow. I am a dog person, but this cat won my heart. Until I cleaned out the litter box and reminded myself I am enjoy looking at kitties, not sharing my abode with one. She also had a hairball today, to complete the reminder that I don't really want a cat.
This cat is the best participant in the game of hide and seek I have ever known. Although there is positively no way she could get out of the house, on two separate occasions I thought I was going to have to explain to her doting owner that she just vanished, never to be seen again. Just two days ago I discovered one of her hiding places . . . under my chair. That's right. When I searched high and low, she was under my favorite chair, probably watching me hunt.
She's a small cat, soft as all get out, and loves to play. Her owner said she didn't care for balls, but I must have just the right type, because we played catch the ball quite often. One night around 2 o'clock, she went on a tear and rampaged through the house. Did I feed her petrol or lima beans? What was with that?
I enjoyed my visit with Esmeralda, but two weeks is enough. I'm thinking God knew what he was doing when he made both dogs and cats. He also made cat-people and dog-people.
I suppose you've heard the saying that God made dogs to help humans understand what it is like to be adored, and cats to help humans understand what it feels like to be ignored.


crownring said...

Hi Mrs. Paul,

As a dedicated cat lover myself, I can tell you why Esmeralda took off on the middle of the night rampage through the house. Well, at least I can tell you it's absolutely normal cat behavior. Just be glad you didn't have two of them running rampage across your bed in the middle of the night! Or if my husband forgot to fill up their food bowls before bed, sometimes we'd catch Oscar dragging a loaf of bread up the stairs. Never a dull moment! LOL.....

Angi said...

Me too. Totally not a cat person. They're cute and when I see a kitten, I so want one. But after I'm around them for a while, I remember why I don't want them. Unlike a dog, you can't tell a cat where to go go in your house. If they want to lay on your pillow, they will! You can't train them to stay off the sofa!
Dogs rule!