Monday, February 18, 2008

It's the Little Things

Do you know what an impact you make on your teachers? You totally do.
Every act of thoughtfulness I see in my classroom, I store it up with pride like it's a designer purse or something.

Teaching has it's moments, it really does. One of my favorite birthdays was made special because a group of my drama kids took it upon themselves to throw me a party in class complete with a sash, crown, beautifully tacky jewelry, Jones Soda, and my own director's chair.

Last week two students shared some Valentine's Day cookies with me. We all have this mandatory study hall at our school 2x a week. It's 90 minutes of torture (er, homework) for everyone. So even though Karly and Kenslee are not in my study hall, they have adopted my room as the place to have their "craft club." Or more specifically the Karly Kenslee Kraft Klub. (Translation: Ms. Jones lets us avoid our homework under the disguise of knitting, Valentine making, cookie icing and any other random thing they can pull out of their ninth grade ears.)

Anyway, they decorated their cookies during KKKK time, and I thought I'd display them on the blog.

Aren't they cute? Some of their designs are rather, um...clever?
Here's what I teach. Also known as Speech.

This one is an artistic representation of my hair. Or what they found in their cafeteria burrito. Not sure which.

Know what this one is?

It's the Love Boat.

And the U + the blob?
Yep, it's "You Rock." They were going to write, "Thank you for getting us out of an hour and a half of pretending to do homework" but it wouldn't fit.

Here's one I like to call Barack and Hillary.

Or if you squeeze your left eye shut and only look with your right it's George and Laura Bush. (Actually to me it looks more like George and Lindsay Lohan, but that would just be silly.)

And it's cookies like this that will get them a pass to come back next week.

So just know when you do these random acts of kindness for a teacher, a parent, an adult at church--anywhere--it totally blesses us, and we eat it up.

Have a great week.
Jenny B. Jones

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