Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hands and Knees

A few of us went to help with a mission project Thursday. The lady in charge must have been in her 60's. She's helping refugees settle in. 5,000 of them--most don't speak English.

Some of us helped them set up e-mail accounts. Some helped with food distribution. Some will be teaching English.

My job was to clean up a concession stand at a ballpark so they can have summer camps. We wiped down the counter tops, sprayed them with Clorox, and swept out spiders. We took the water hose and sprayed pollen off the concrete surrounding the concession stand. Then we dropped to our hands and knees picked up trash in the area.

I can't tell you how I sensed the Spirit of God on my hands and knees. God showed up right there in the middle of an inner city concession stand in a junky ballpark. There's a scripture that begins, "And taking the towel He knelt..." meaning Jesus knelt to wash His disciples' feet. I believe He considered it joy and a privilege.

Maybe God is in the small things. The things that go unnoticed by the crowds. The almost invisible things we do for others--no matter how small. I can tell you, He was with me as I knelt in the floor of that concession stand.


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