Wednesday, July 16, 2008

OUCH! Oh, Well. . . .

My knees are banged up and twisted, my lower back is pulled, my hip is twisted. I have a headache, just because. I fell coming into the house. I didn't lift my bum leg high enough to clear the top step and went over like a graceful hippopotomus. (Does that have too many Os in it?) But there is always a bright side. I fell into the laundry basket instead of the concrete floor of the garage. I also fell against the dryer, the ironing board hanging on the wall, and on a toy. Toys are ficious.

But I got clothes suitable for wearing with a belt and sword, crown, and moonbeam cape. Life is not all bad. I don't know many people who have clothes in their closet that accessorize with a sword. But I do.

In October I will be going on a book tour. Perhaps I should say THE book tour. 8 Christian fantasy authors from 8 publishing houses going to 8 West Coast cities in 8 days in 2008, motivating readers to explore positive literature.
Here's the website:


CherryBlossomMJ said...

I think I'd definitely prefer the laundry basket over concrete myself.


FYI - all the local bookstores are sold out of DragonFire, but have the others in stock, they tell me DF is backordered. How is that possible in four different stores? The only one I don't have! Sorry, rant over.

crownring said...

Now this is truly frightening, Mrs. Paul. You're starting to sound like a slightly older version of myself. No one should be that unfortunate! ACK!

Linda B said...

Are there going to be pictures of you with sword and cape? Once your injuries heal, naturally.