Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wearing a new hat

While we were on vacation, my family told me the truth. My old flower pot sun hat was ugly. Being a redhead, I wear a hat in the sun, especially at the beach. That day, I'd put on my sunscreen (now SPF 85) and the floppy hat. My husband, Rick, and my sixteen-year-old son said I needed a new hat--to lose the old lady one.

Rick picked this one out. I have to admit, I felt pretty cool wearing it. Almost like a new woman, cowgirly and fun.

So, if I can become a new woman with my new hat, maybe I really can make the switch from being a non-fiction writer into a novelist. As of today, I'm at 61,000 words with my first novel. I'm going to stick a picture of the new me at my computer.

The up-and-coming novelist in her cowgirl hat. :-)

Anybody else need a new hat? A new image?



Debbie said...

LOL. You can definitely do it! There's always room for one more talented fiction writer in the publishing world! :)


Julie Garmon said...

Thanks, Debbie. Great words of