Saturday, August 16, 2008

Let's Go to the Movies.

I've been watching movies differently lately. First, I watched a video of two men who are experts in crafting story both on paper and on film. Then I read some articles and bought some books. I have to admit I haven't read the books yet. I've been busy writing. But I'm so intrigued by this similarity between crafting a book and a movie, that I have really been paying attention.

One of my favorite versed in the Bible says, "For God is not a God of disorder but of peace." I Corinthians 14:33 (NIV).

There is always order to the way things are done. For instance, washing dishes: if you don't scrape the scraps off first, you have the unpleasant experience of gross floaties in amongst the lovely cloud of bubbles on your dishwater. Taking a bath: if you don't undress first, you may have clean clothes as well as a clean body, but wringing them out is difficult and messy.

So order is a good thing.

"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace."

Stress is one thing you can designate as the opposite of peace. I get stressed when I don't know how to do something. Or, I'm not sure I know how to do something.

For instance, taking a test. I studied, but will I be able to recall all the facts. That's stress. And the test is actually there to help you determine whether or not you're proficient.

Usually it's not that big a deal. But consider if your anesthesiologist didn't study, didn't take his tests, didn't know his stuff. He'd put you under for your surgery. And your family might be putting you a different kind of under because he failed.

So what helps you keep from getting stressed. Believing God is not a God of disorder. He must be a God of order. So, be smart and pay attention. He is constantly giving me more information about how to do my job of living at peace.

And it can be the oddest things. Like the movies. I began to see corelations and applying them to my writing. Learning the new stuff is fun! And the end result is I'm not stressed when I am faced with a deadline for a 100,000 word book.

Well, I do get stressed if I procrastinate too long. But that's a different story.

Here's a fun sight run by Kathleen Kovach where she brings out facts about writing through examining movies. It's just begun, but it promises to have lots of movie reviews as well.

Craft Cinema ~ Studying the craft of writing through movies. In case the link doesn't work, here's the URL:

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Thank you, Mrs. Paul. I needed those words today. :)