Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever

Anyone else out there watching the Olympics? I have been staying up way too late at night trying to catch up on all the events I love.

My Top 3:

Gymnastics! So bummed the women didn't win the gold!
Swimming! Go Michael Phelps! (He's from Maryland, and since I am too, we're practically brother and sister;-)
Diving! I like the fancy platform stuff so I haven't caught any of that.

So in the name of "School hasn't started yet so let's have some fun" - what are your favorite three can't-miss sports?

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Captain Bonnie Spinner said...

Yes! I love the Olympics! I have the Beijing Olympics charm on my phone. :)

1. Volleyball {both beach and team}
2. Gymnastics {go Shaun and Nastia!}
3. Swimming {Michael Phelps!!}

Oh, and 3 and a half, fencing. :D