Thursday, September 18, 2008

This was Yesterday

I didn't have Internet connection until tonight.  So I am late. But I do want you to know what I am doing. Here's what I wrote on the road: 

I’m in a car traveling on Interstate 76, headed for the northeast corner of Colorado. Then we will travel across Nebraska., then north to Minneapolis, MN. At this point in time  around, five hundred Christian writers are converging on the twin cities for the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference. This is truly a wonderful bunch of people, and this is why: these people love Jesus. I’ve been to a secular writing conference and the feeling is nothing like what it is like to walk into a setting where the love of the Lord is first.

Here are some of the differences:

Secular: cussing, both profanities and vulgarities

ACFW: duh? Of course not.

Secular: liquor served in the halls in portable bars.

ACFW: duh? No

Secular: backstabbing and secrecy

ACFW: people don’t bad mouth each other and if someone finds out that a certain editor is looking for a particular genre, there is no guarding the information to keep others from taking advantage of the opportunity.

Secular: me, me, me

ACFW: all for one and one for all. Could there be the 500 Musketeers?

Secular: career advancement is the premier consideration

ACFW: fellowship is high on the list of priorities.

Now, the truth is all of these writers want contracts. They want to learn more about honing their skills as writers. They want to network and make contacts that further their careers.

But at the center of all this activity is the desire to glorify GOD. And boy, does it make a difference!

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