Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What’s in your wallet?

Camy here. Just to warn you, this is going to be a totally random post.

I just realized that my purse is a mess. Despite the fact it is tiny and I could fill a duffle bag with stuff I like to carry around with me, I have just tons of junk in it.

Okay, maybe not junk. But JICs—“Just In Case” stuff.

For example:

Floss for when I get spinach in my teeth

A mini flashlight (my husband made me carry this)

Bookmarks so I can push them on unsuspecting people

Sudafed in case I get a massive sinus headache

Advil in case I get a massive sinus headache

Dramamine in case I get massive car sickness or just really bad nausea

Nail clipper

Lavender water, which is antibacterial, for spraying and wiping down public toilet seats (let me tell you, I really used this a lot when I visited a friend in the Midwest because the public bathrooms rarely have toilet seat covers)

Handkerchief because I prefer it to tissues

Lipstick in case I see Orlando Bloom walking down the sidewalk toward me

Listerine breath strips in case I see Orlando Bloom walking down the sidewalk toward me

How about you? What’s in your purse or wallet?

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Anonymous said...

LOL. What a fun post.

OK, let's see.....
Business cards.....just in case I meet that unsuspecting agent

Bookmarks of other authors with new releases...to leave in various places for marketing/influencing

Cherry flavored Chap Stick.... because I'm not a lipstick girl

Cliff bar...because I never know when I'll get assaulted by hunger pangs.

Minty gum...because, you never know when I'll rendevous with my sweet, sweet hubby....LOL

Bev said...

Your humor makes me chuckle and I need that some days and today was one of them. I'd list my purse but there wouldn't be room on the comment form. Maybe I should post it on my blog. HMmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK we don't have toilet covers at all. When I was little on holiday in Florida they were a real novelty :D