Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Happy

My daughter and I were driving down the street yesterday, and I realized I was happy. We had just been to the crowded UPS store, mailing gifts. We were at the UPS store because the line out the Post Office annex sent us searching for a place I wouldn't have to stand for so long. We were on our way to look for a particular present for on of my grandsons. We stopped and got coffee. She got eggnog latte, and I got peppermint mocha. The price of the coffee was outrageous. I was still happy. I picked up the cup and hot coffee spewed from the tiny hole, making a mess. I was still happy. The special nightlight/toy was expensive too, so we didn't get it. I was still happy.
We tried it online when we got home and didn't, plus read some reviews that indicated it wasn't such a great toy after all. Still happy. Woke up this morning with a sinus headache. Yep! Still happy.
Every day has it's own measure of irritants, some of them quite substantial. The past 24 hours held more than I've even related to you.
But . . .
this is CHRISTMAS!
And I love Jesus.
I wish I could carry this glow around with me for the other 11 months of the year. 
I think I'll make that my New Year's Resolution. I LIKE being happy.
Ignoring the irritants, putting them in the bottom drawer where they belong, is healthy.
The toaster burnt my toast . . . yeah, but Jesus was born in a stable.
The car in front of me made me miss the green light . . . yeah, but Jesus told stories that make heaven more real to me.
My drink spilled all over my book . . . yeah, but Jesus forgives e.
It's a habit to remember that the nativity scene should be on top of the dresser and the junk deposited in the bottom drawer or even the trash can.
I'm happy. I have reason to be. Jesus not only came as a baby to grow up and teach me about God and heaven, he also died to make a way for me to stand in the presence of God and enjoy His Heaven. Allelujah!

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