Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coffee Curiosity

What is it about meeting friends at Starbucks? Or even going alone. I love the place. Even my 17-year-old son goes to Starbucks. When I was a teenager, this didn't happen. We met at McDonald's or for pizza but never for coffee.

For some reason, I think better when surrounded by that amazing coffee smell. Conversations seem more, I guess, important. My creativity level goes up a notch--even when I'm just sitting there by myself. Ideas come to me at Starbucks.

I order the same thing--a cup of something strong, like Sumatra, and I add sugar and half-and-half. The other day I tried a French-pressed Sumatra and fell in love. Bold, strong, and even hotter.

Since it's close to Christmas, I gave in and tried a Peppermint Latte. Not me at all. And those ice coffees gross me out.

Maybe the kind of coffee we drink says something about our personalities.

Anybody have thoughts on coffee? Love it? Hate it? What's your favorite kind? Do you agree that stirring coffee helps us stir our friendships? Are you okay sitting there by yourself?



Anonymous said...

HI! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love to sit in coffee shops and write. And to people watch. It's great.

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

My parents never drank coffee when I was growing up - I still remember having to pull the coffee maker from storage during the holidays for our coffee-drinking relatives. My mom and dad (though dad died a few years ago) found it utterly bizzare that I became a coffee drinker. I adore coffee and I'm pretty eclectic in my tastes. I even run the coffee cafe at our church - where we make better espresso drinks than any coffee shop around!

I love the atmosphere of coffee shops. I love the smell of coffee. '

I heart coffee.

Julie Garmon said...

You're right, Lynn. Something about the atmosphere helps us write. Love it!

Sarah, I'm so happy for you. You found coffee. :-) Would love to know more about your coffee shop at church.


Lindsey Helms said...

My mom and dad are real into coffee and take people out quite often. They even tend to go by themselves...I really do enjoy it, it's soothing and just a happy place to go!
Love, Lindsey

Julie Garmon said...

You're exactly right, Lindsey. It's a soothing and happy place to go. Great words!


Debbie said...

I adore the smell of coffee! Sadly, I cannot drink it. Even the decaf stuff sends my fragile, overworked system into chaos. But I do appreciate the smell of it early in the morning.

My dad is a big coffee drinker and my mom will have a cup on occasion but there's something so awesome about going into the bookstore and smelling that coffee. Makes me wish I were in a bookstore right now. Though, I suppose it's best I'm not. :)


frangipani princess said...

my mums addicted to capuccinos, and dad drinks it though he prefers tea.
i love lattes with two sugars, and the best one I have ever had was at starbucks in switzerland. Trust me to fall in love with a drink on the other side of the world...
I love the atmosphere of coffee shops as well. It smells so awesome, and everyone looks so happy...

gg xx

Julie Garmon said...

Oh, Princess. You've been to Switzerland. Tell us more....