Saturday, January 03, 2009


I always get a little out of sorts on January 1. People start talking about setting NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS. Just the sound of it intimidates me. Being prone toward perfectionism, I've avoided making new year resolutions.

I'm in a online editing group made up of Guideposts magazine writers. (We edit each other's articles.) One of them asked if anybody wanted to be accountability partners and come up with 2009 GOALS.

Hmmmm. The word goals didn't sound as scary as resolutions. So, five of us have formed a little group called GOALIES. We each set our 2009 goals--both writing and personal.

Jotting down my goals made them seem much more real. Maybe even more attainable. Then sharing them with other people took it up another notch.

Writing Goals

1. Continue meeting with face-to-face fiction editing group twice a month.
2. Read and edit the entire novel I printed and take two days to do it.
3. Get novel proposal to its best, let it go, and stop obsessing. Try to get it out by Jan 15.
4. Develop plot line for next novel.
5. Ask and believe that God’s Spirit will lead me to the right stories/articles.
6. Be watching for a story for the Guideposts spring workshop.
7. Trust God. Trust God. Trust God. In everything.

Personal Goals

1. Become more aware of negative thinking and consciously fight it.
2. Expect good outcomes. Believe the best.
3. Guard my tongue being careful of my words.
4. Go to the Y four times weekly.
5. Make first thing in the morning quiet time a priority. Before computer time.
6. Pray for my husband daily.
7. Recognize joy in the little things every day.

Whew! Now I've shared them with all of you--talk about accountability.

Does anybody want to share your 2009 Goals?



Anonymous said...

What a timely post. My accountability group just swapped goals yesterday. To share them with a few girls you trust is so important, they can help them come to fruition.

I have a bunch of goals...both writing and personal. The main ones are: 1) to find representation (agent); 2) grow and develop my faith through daily reading/prayer; 3) go on a missions trip....

Those are just a few. But it's all in God's plan...I can set goals, but you never know if God'll have you on a different path at any given time.

Julie Garmon said...

What great goals, Lynn. There's something about sharing goals with others that makes them grow. I'll be praying for you this year.

Thanks for understanding. :-)