Friday, January 02, 2009

A New Year

Welcome to 2009!

I love the idea of a new year - fresh and clean and ready to be experienced. 2008 was hard for me, maybe it was for some of you as well. But I have great expectations for 2009 because I know that God is at work. Even when we can't tell exactly what He is doing, I know He is at work.

So I am also working hard behind the scenes here at Girls, God and the Good Life. I'll be making some changes on the website and we'll be introducing some new bloggers to you - something I'm really excited about!

And in the spirit of a new year, I have one favor to ask, and one opportunity:

The favor? Could you spread the word about Girls, God and the Good Life? Tell your friends, tell the websites that have links for teen girls, tell anyone you think might be interested:-)

The Opportunity? Would you like to be a "Guest Blogger?" Well, I'm looking for you readers to offer your reviews on Music, Movies, Books and Websites. Here's the skinny on doing a review:

1) We're going to stick with reviews of things that you would recommend to others. 
2) Give us some idea of what the book or movie is about but do not give away the whole story. For practice on this, read the back cover of a book. See how it gets you interested without giving the story away?
3) Do tell us if there is something to watch out for (language, message, etc.)
4) Be clear about why you liked it or would recommend it. Use examples.
5) Keep it short - no more than 250 words for a book or movie and no more than 150 words for music or a website.
6) Send it to me through my website contact form and be sure to include your name, age and e-mail address (e-mail will be kept private). You'll earn a chance to win some Good Life gear if your review is posted.

That's all for now! Have a fabulous day!

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