Saturday, January 17, 2009

High School Seniors

I've been teaching high school girls in Sunday school for 17 years or so. Every year, seniors feel the College Decision Drama after Christmas. Maybe you don't know what you want to do. Maybe you want a four-year degree. Maybe you are thinking about going to a two-year college. Small college? Huge college? Private school? State school? Room-mate?

We have two daughters, now 27 and 24. Yep, they experienced College Decision Drama too. Neither did too hot on the SAT, but they both got into college. And guess what? Both daughters ended up graduating from the same college, the very same December of the same year. One's a probation officer and one's a nanny--two very different majors. One daughter has a degree in Criminal Justice and the other with a Social Services degree, but each is gifted in her own way. Did they realize THE PLAN as high school seniors? Nope. No clue.

Are these kinds of questions circling your thoughts?




It's never, no not ever happened that graduation comes and one of my Sunday school class seniors hasn't make her decision. The answer doesn't come quickly. Never in September of her senior year. Sometimes, not even until May right before graduation.

Does anybody have any graduation concerns?

I'd like to pray for you. Be at peace. God has a plan.

Love, love, love,


Jeanette Hanscome said...

This is great Julie! My son is a senior and both of us are feeling the "what are your plans" pressure. His SAT score served as a reminder that Christian is NOT a standardized test taker. But he has good grades and has already been accepted to the University of Nevada, Reno. I keep reminding him that that in itself is great! I worried about him not knowing what he wanted to major in until I reflected on my own very realistic post high school plans--to major in theater and become a big star. Neither happened. I'm trying to keep my mouth shut now and let him discover what God has in store for him. Funny, he seems perfectly fine with not having a plan beyond attending UNR. That is, until a well-meaning adult brings it up, which happens almost weekly when you're a senior.

So you can add Christian to your prayer list :). Thanks for this post!

Julie Garmon said...

Of course, Jeanette. Would love to pray for your son. I'll add him to my list of seniors.

That's the thing--the "what am I going to do after high school" has always worked out at the right time.

I love that you're being quiet about it. What a tough lesson to learn!!

My girls' SAT scores weren't great but good enough. :-)

Thanks for your post.