Friday, January 16, 2009

Appreciate A Dragon Day!

Today is Appreciate a Dragon Day. This holiday which has gained momentum was
 instigated by yours truly.
Here’s a blurb about it:
 We are pleased to bring you news that this week on Friday, January 16, people
 around the country will be celebrating Appreciate a Dragon Day! What is this
 strange holiday, you ask?
 Several years ago when DragonSpell first came out, Mrs. Paul was reading a
 book about how to market a book. One of the suggestions was to register a new
 holiday. So she registered Appreciate a Dragon Day, or AADD.
 Appreciate a Dragon Day is all over the place! Mrs. Paul is very grateful to
 the many people and places that have given it a boost. It was not only a
 publicity ploy, but something that is dear to her heart: promoting literacy.
 Check out the AADD Event Pages to get more details on this
 interesting holiday and some suggestions on how to celebrate. Some of these
 ways include making a dragon kite, a dragon cake, a dancing dragon toy,
 putting on a dragon puppet show, and many more fun ideas!
 We would love to hear about how YOU decide to celebrate this special day of
 dragons. Email us your AADD pictures, poems, videos, etc., and we may post
 them in the AADD Gallery!

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