Monday, February 16, 2009


I have a friend over today. She's learning to knit. Well, actually, I've already taught her to knit. Now she is learning to purl. She's 14, soon to be 15. 
Now knitting is a disappearing art, but it shouldn't be. True, you can buy a sweater, a scarf, a beanie for very little these days, but knitting isn't so much about the product as the process.
One of the benefits for me is that when I knit, my hands are busy and I don't nibble. Believe me, that is important.

Another benefit is that people are so impressed when they get a scarf from me that I knit. They don't realize that it is in buying fancy yarn that the scarf gets its glitz, not from my prowess as a knitter.

Another benefit is that I ruminate while knitting.

One of my very profound conclusions come to while knitting is that one single strand is twisted and turned on the needles to produce an intricate pattern of beauty and probably utilitarian purpose. God takes my life and twists and turns it to produce something of worth and even pretty attractive. People have said to me, "I want to have what you have," and all that I have that they don't is a God willing to work with me.

Another profound revelation is that when you knit an entire scarf it looks exactly like a scarf that was entirely purled. Two entirely different methods to produce the same end. Sometimes I get locked into "My Way" of living. And truthfully, another's interpretation of the means to an end can produce the same result. So if I choose to knit and you choose to purl, neither one of us is "righter" as long as both methods honor God. (ie. follow the rules of knitting.)

And one last observation from ruminating while knitting. It is material and skill combined that makes a beautiful product. I have to use the fancy stuff that God has given me through His Word. Pearls of wisdom found in books like Proverbs and James that give a lustrous look to my live. And the skill of creating the masterpiece out of the material give comes through practice.

LOL! See, knitting is more than the clicking of needles.


Julie Garmon said...

Love this post! I know how to crochet and have always wanted to learn to knit.

Maybe one day....

Lizana Trestant said...

You're really funny, Mrs. Paul! You're also correct. I look up to you a lot, you know, and you've never even heard my real name (Lizana is just one of my own characters' names) LOL! (I've recommended your books to people like a million times, and therefore your name. So like all my friends know that you're my favorite author.)Thanks so much for the DragonKeeper series! They're not the type of books that you read once and then get bored of. I've read them again and again and again!