Saturday, May 16, 2009


What am I excited about? My son and his wife are coming to visit. They will be here tonight around seven and I am counting the hours. 
Now the fact that I am actually tingly with anticipation may seem strange to some. Family dynamics shift; they go through phases. When my kids were little, I couldn't get enough of watching the changes that maturity and experience imparted. I delighted when they made a discovery and when they voiced that new concept. Last week I fell down the stairs. It was a bad fall, but I landed at the bottom minus my dignity, with no broken bones, and plenty of bruises. My grandson said God held me. He knew God had intervened and prevented a broken hip or more. My grandson's assimilation of what we've taught him came out verbally. It was almost worth the fall. Not quite, but almost.
During the teen years, there can be a lot of tension between the parents and the kids. Normal and also a time for learning and stretching and maturing (for the parent as well as the children).
But my kids are grown now and I am blessed with a relationship that benefits all of us. We all crave time together. 
Maybe right now, that doesn't seem possible to you, that some day you will hop on a plane to go see your mom and dad and actually feel a swelling of love in your heart and joy dancing through your body.  But familial love is a gift from God and is a result of adhering to Godly principles. Keep your eyes on Jesus, do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, and someday you will have a treasure worth more than gold, a family that enjoys being together and will support each member with a supernatural love.

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