Sunday, May 17, 2009

On the Go

Today Celebration Church did church a little differently. We met at church at 9 a.m. like usual, and then we became church for people outside the building! My husband and I went to an organization called Friends of Refugees in Clarkston, GA. We delivered boxes of food to seven families. What a cool experience! This is our team. The children who went with us loved helping hand out groceries and getting to know other little kids.

We also had groups that went to a children's shelter, nursing homes, fed the homeless, did lawn work, and worked around a chapel.

The front of our blue shirts say, "On the Go." The back says, "Loving our world into a life giving relationship with Christ." It felt so right today--spending time with these families. Even though we had a language barrier in some of the homes, Christ's love translated beautifully. Hugs and food. ♥♥



Chelsea Coker said...

That seems like it would be such a humbling experience. I would love if our church would do that one Sunday! What an awesome opportunity to minister to others and show the love of Christ.


Julie Garmon said...

Thanks, Chelsea. It really was humbling. Perfect word.