Tuesday, June 02, 2009

SNAKE!! Oh my gosh!!

I can't figure out how this happened.

A few weeks ago, I'd used this rubber snake to teach high school Sunday school. I brought him along as an example of how the evil one can sneak up on us. Last night I went out with some friends. I picked Leigh Anne up at her house. She jumped into the passenger seat (I have a PT Cruiser) and Mr. Snake was in the floorboard near her feet. I'd kinda forgotten to clean out my car. (I also have a winter coat and a bunch of other stuff in the back.)

She screamed. I laughed.

"Oops. Sorry. I forget he was still in here."

Leigh Anne carefully picked Mr. Snake up by the tail. "I'll just toss him in the back seat. I don't like snakes."

We met some friends at Chili's restaurant for dessert. By the time we got back out to the car it was dark. I slipped in to drive and saw MR. SNAKE wrapped around my steering wheel.

He'd moved from the backseat to the steering wheel. I'm not kidding.

Leigh Anne promises she didn't do it. She called her husband to see if he'd played a prank on us. Nope. I called my daughter and husband. Nope. We asked the ladies who met us. Nope. I could have sworn I locked my car--so that part is even weirder.

Okay, moving right along.

I started thinking today...when something creeps into our lives to trip us up or lead us down the wrong path, it's usually not as easy to spot as a snake on a steering wheel.

Sometimes the wrong choice can seem so right.

Tricky snakes might be:
1. Saying yes when no is the right answer answer.
2. Trusting a guy with not-so-great intentions.
3. Looking the other way when someone needs a friend.

Does anybody need help with a snake who's somehow crept onto your steering wheel?



robin_titan said...

whoa, that is insane I wonder how that happened.

Debra said...

I loved how you took this everyday moment and applied it to our spiritual lives. :)


Julie Garmon said...

Thanks for commenting, y'all. I was thinking....what a crazy post I put up. I bet nobody gets it. :-)

I still don't know how he got on the steering wheel. I had to forget about it--it was creeping me out.

Maybe I didn't lock the car, but still, that meant somebody peeked in my back seat (kind of hard to see through the back windows) and took the time to move it.