Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back-to-School List

Next week I’ll send both of my kids back to school. As usual I can’t believe how fast the summer went. In six days Nathan will be a second grader and Christian a freshman in college.

We have spent the past few weeks dealing with back-to-school lists. We’ve slowly purchased uniforms for Nathan and items on his classroom supply sheet:
· 2 folders with pockets (check)
· Glue sticks (check)
· Ruler with inches and centimeters (use last year’s)
· Navy blue pants (offer an enticing reward if he can keep from tearing the knees until he has grown out of them)

Then of course we picked up things that we knew Christian would need, like highlighters, pens, paper for taking notes, a sturdier backpack, and a bus pass (he’s living at home and taking public transportation for now).

Today we have a list of things to accomplish while at his college campus:
· Pick up textbooks
· Find where his classes meet
· Locate the closest bus stop
· Sign some paperwork

I’m sure you have your own back-to-school lists to check off and double check. How about adding a goal or two while you’re at it? Here are a few suggestions.
· Reach out to one person who doesn’t seem to have a circle of friends
· Read your Bible each day even if it’s only one verse
· Pray for your teachers
· Read a book that is not required for school
· Try a new club or activity
· Share your faith with someone

As swimming and hanging out with your friends is replaced with early mornings and homework, pray that God will make his plan for you clear and help you see the next school year as an exciting new season.

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