Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An introduction

Hey guys! My name is Stephanie Morrill, and I’m thrilled that Sarah asked me to blog here a couple times a month. Since I’m far from being a household name, here are a couple things you should know about me:

1. Today is my birthday. I’m 26 and regularly surprised to find myself surrounded by such grownup things—a husband, a daughter, a mortgage payment, a sedan, and a CostCo membership.

2. I live in the Kansas City area. It's where I did most my growing up, and where I imagine my daughter will do hers as well. Ben and I briefly lived in Orlando right after we got married, but grew tired of cockroaches, tourists, and air you can practically drink with a straw.

3. I write books for teenage girls. My debut novel, Me, Just Different, released in July. It’s the first of three books in The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt series. Out with the In Crowd comes out in January and So Over It next July. Rather than do a big plug here, I’ll just say you can visit my web site,, to read the first chapter of Me, Just Different, sign up for my newsletter, and follow my journey as a young author.

4. My only talents are reading, writing, and drinking coffee. Remove any of those three from my day, and I get majorly cranky. For as long as I can remember, I’ve preferred spending my Friday nights curled up on the couch with either a notebook or a good novel.

5. A big question I’ve been asking myself recently is, what does it mean to live a life fully surrendered to God? Particularly now when my writing career regularly pushes me out of my comfort zone. My life has changed drastically in the last two years, first with a baby and then with a book contract, and I tend to be such a control-freak that surrendering to God is a real struggle for me.

Hope everyone has a great day! I’m off to dig into some Starbucks Java Chip ice cream. It can’t be a bad birthday when there’s coffee ice cream around.


fredamans said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Julie Garmon said...

Welcome, Stephanie!

Stephanie said...


Yvonne Todd said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your book contract. How very exciting, just by hearing the tone of your writing I know that your books will be an encouragement to young ladies.
Enjoy your special day!

Jeanne Damoff said...

Happy Birthday, and welcome to Girls, God, and the Good Life! :)

Stephanie said...

Thank you, ladies!

Jan Kern said...

Belated birthday wishes, Stephanie! And welcome to GGGL!

Enjoyed your post, especially the big question about living a life fully surrendered to God. Yes!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday!! I look forward to reading your blogs! And I love some Starbucks Ice Cream too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, welcome to the blog!! I think I'm really going to enjoy reading your posts :)