Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bead Your Faith

Today I am proudly wearing a “wordless book” bracelet that I made during Parents’ Night at our church’s Awana club. We had a great time doing a craft usually reserved for kids. You might remember making one in Sunday school or VBS. When I think about it, wordless book bracelets are creative way to share your faith. If you don’t have any Christian jewelry or want something new, why not try making one?

Here is what you need:
A thin piece of leather long enough to fit around your wrist after tying some knots in it (one website said 15 inches)—if you can get a piece with a pointy end the final steps will be easier
5 pony beads – 1 yellow, 1 black, 1 red, 1 white, 1 green, and 1 clear (some also add 1 blue bead)

Making your bracelet:
Tie a knot about 1/3-way down the piece of leather
String your beads in this order: yellow, black, red, white, green, and blue if you choose to include it

Tie a knot close to the last bead
String both ends of the leather through the clear bead to connect your bracelet (if you can crisscross them it will be easier to adjust)
Tie off the ends

Now, how do you explain your bracelet when someone asks about it? Here is what each bead means:

Yellow – this bead represents the streets of gold that are in heaven
Black – reminds us of our sin, which separates us from God and heaven.
Red – Jesus shed his blood to save us from the penalty of our sin
White – When we confess our sins and accept Christ as Savior God immediately forgives and forgets, making us pure and fit for heaven
Green – After we accept Christ as Savior, God wants us to grow through studying His Word, prayer, and becoming an active member of His family
Blue – represents baptism, the public expression of our faith

By sharing the meaning of each bead you are sharing the gospel.

So these cool, colorful bracelets aren’t just for Sunday school kids.

Have fun seeing the opportunities to share Jesus that come after making one.

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Emii said...

I just found this blog from a link on Sarah's website... I just read Becoming Beka's a GREAT book!

I think I might try and make this bracelet :)