Sunday, November 22, 2009

Want to Follow God?

You don’t need to DO these things to be a God-follower, but these are things that have helped me on my journey. Things I have tried to teach my children and maybe they’ll help you too:

1. Make time for God. Set your alarm clock to get up early. Focus your thoughts on Him first and often.

2. Read the Bible and ask God for the one thing to take-away from your reading.

3. Read devotional books. I recommend: My Utmost for His Highest. Practicing the Presence of God. God Calling.

4. Listen to Christian music and/or praise music throughout the day. It helps to keep you focused on the right thing and protects your thoughts from all the worries of life.

5. Pray with friends—together in person or on the phone.

6. Get advice from other Christ-followers. Look to men and women you respect for encouragement about following God with all your heart.

7. Read biographies of famous Christians. Be inspired!

8. Seek God throughout the day.
a. Talk to Him.
b. Seek His strength.
c. Be encouraged by His word.
d. Believe in His love.
e. Trust in His plan for your life.

2. Have a mission statement for your life. If you could do anything with the talents and gifts God has give you what would it be? Who would you serve?

3. Ask God for the one thing He desires for you to do.
a. He knows His plans for your future.
b. He knows His design for your marriage.
c. He has gifted you with your children.
d. Now what does He want you to do with all these things?

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Dallian said...

Cool blog you've got going on here! Thanks for the interesting post :)