Saturday, November 07, 2009

Get up, stand up

The other day I got some news that I hoped wouldn't be coming ... but it came anyway. It was publishing related. It was bad. In fact, it really stank.

So I posted on Facebook about it and right away the notes started coming in. Are you okay? Is everything all right? Then I realized that not everyone thinks in terms of books, like me (imagine that). My friends thought that something had happened, and were flocking around me to help.

Once they heard the truth--yes, everything's fine, there's just this hiccup with the books, it's okay--they still gave me virtual hugs and everyone went on with their day. But it put things in perspective for me, you know? There is more to life than the things that are right in front of us--things that are so close to us that maybe they block the view of everything else. Life still contains chickens, and pie, and good friends, and things that make us laugh. Today the Lord even gave me more words for my NaNo book than I ever expected. Our Father is endlessly good.

And did I mention there was pie?

Shelley B.

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