Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Growing up--Letting Go

Maybe some of our teenage readers feel like your moms cling too much. Won't give you your space. Want to talk all the time.

Maybe some of our mom readers are struggling with letting our grown or almost grown children go. I was.

It's hard.

I wrote about letting my son Thomas go. He's eighteen. For me, letting go has been a process. He's my youngest child. My baby. His sisters are in their twenties. We lost a baby boy before Thomas was born. Maybe this has something to do with why I had a hard time letting him go. I don't know. He broke his leg on his seventeenth birthday at football practice. Of course, I tried to baby him. That didn't work.

You can read about us in the November issue of Guideposts or find it on their Web site at www.guideposts.com. The title of my story is "A Change of Season." Sign up on their site to read it.

Can anybody identify?

One good thing. Thomas is pleased with the story I wrote. He showed his friends. :-)



Maria I. Morgan said...

I can definitely relate, Julie! My daughter is our only child and she will be graduating from high school in May. Gulp! I certainly don't think of my husband & myself as being old enough to be empty-nesters. Visiting colleges is one thing, dropping her off @ one will be a different story...I think I'll purchase some Kleenex stock before Fall of 2010!!

Julie Garmon said...

I'm sooo there with you Maria. We'll be empty nesters too. We'll both be needing our Kleenex!

Dallian said...

hey, just stumbled upon your blog today and i think it's great what you're doing! Keep writing - i'll be back :)