Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Not Knowing

The anticipation of Christmas around here is high. I have three daughters, 10 and under, so Christmas is a fun time of the year. They know exactly when it is and have it counted down to mere days now. I love Christmas morning because we not only get the joy of celebrating Christ's birth, but we have the joy of giving and receiving gifts. And it is a joy.

But while we have a set day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we don't really get many other certain days.

When will I find the right guy?
When will I know what I'm supposed to do?
When will it change?
When will it get better?
What am I supposed to do while I'm waiting?

So many questions - I bet you all could add a dozen more to this tiny list. Our questions, our needing to know; it never really goes away. Today, I'm wondering how to squeeze a few more dollars out of an empty bank account. I'm waiting to see my full-time volunteer position turn into a full time job - you know, the kind with a paycheck. But I have no idea when that might happen. In the meantime, I wait.

But we don't just wait - we are waiting on God. It's waiting combined with trust that God knows the day and the hour. That God has the perfect timing. He's never late (but He isn't early either). We can trust God because he's always shown himself to be faithful. Is God faithful to what we want? No - he's faithful to what He knows is best. I'd rather have what he wants for me than what I think I want. After all, he knows the beginning to the end.

So while we are anticipating a morning of celebration, I hope you can find joy in the waiting - knowing that God will make things clear at the right time if we are willing to listen and follow Him.

Let us pray for you! What are you waiting on?


Emii said...

I'm waiting on Christmas ;)
Naa, I'm actually not as impatient as last year... of course,who knows what time I'll get to sleep on Christmas Eve :P

Great post!:)


caitlyn said...

This post was exactly what I needed to hear! God's told me about 4 times over 2 years to keep "waiting". It's such a great reminder and encouragement to remember that He has perfect timing, is faithful, and that He knows the beginning to the end. You're absolutely right- "I'd rather have what He wants for me than what i think i want!" God bless you much! :)


Julie Garmon said...

Beautiful post, Sarah. I'm waiting (trying to anyway) on God's timing.

Sarah Anne Sumpolec said...

Thanks for the encouragement ya'll! I'm praying for each of you:-) I don't think we are ever not waiting on something...but we should always have an expectancy in our waiting. Because God is at work.