Monday, December 14, 2009

You burp, therefore I love you

Camy here! I was just thinking about this the other day—when we’re truly ourselves with someone and they don’t run screaming in the other direction, that’s got to be love.

This might be kind of gross, so TMI alert, but my husband and I actually … fart in front of each other.

Yes, it’s true. Romance has descended to this. He burps in front of me, too. But I’m better if I’ve drunk a coke.

I have a point, I promise I do. My point is that he loves me exactly the way I am, imperfect and human and sometimes stupid.

Actually, he thinks he really scored with me because I will actually forget our anniversary. Yes, it’s true. I just did it this year. All his friends who have wives who have to remind them two weeks in advance of their anniversary date—and who expect a gift—are in envy of him because not only do I not remember the date, if he doesn’t get me anything, I’m totally fine with that, since I’ve probably forgotten to get him something, too.

Now, that’s love.

My point, again, is that we love each other despite the fact I leave water behind the sink faucet and he leaves his stuff all over the floor. And steals the comforter cover.

We love each other even when I forget to take out the trash or—oops—feed the dog (although the dog isn’t really feeling the love at that point).

So for all you hopeless romantics who hope for a knight in shining armor who has good hygiene, sorry, he might not exist. But a knight in shining armor who would lay down his life for you AND buy you Godiva for your birthday—he might be out there. And God will bring him to you, in God’s own timing. And that timing will be perfect.

After all, He gave me my prince, farts and all. LOLOLOLOLOLOL I couldn’t resist...

Camy Tang writes romance with a kick of wasabi. Out now is her humorous contemporary romance novel, Single Sashimi, and her romantic suspense, Deadly Intent. She also runs the Story Sensei critique service. In her spare time, she is a staff worker for her church youth group, and she leads one of the worship teams for Sunday service. On her blog, she gives away Christian novels and ponders frivolous things. Sign up for her newsletter YahooGroup for giveways!


adge said...

That's funny! And thanks for being honest.

fredamans said...

Funny, yes... and yet so true.

I fart in front of my hubby too. Seeing as how it is a human bodily function, why hurt yourself to hide it?!

They smell gross, but the toot the tune of love!!

Happy holidays!! :-)

Emii said...

LOL. But that is so true:)


Camy Tang said...

ROFL toot the tune of love????

I hope I didn't gross anybody out too much with this post.


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

I read a magazine article once about a couple that was married, like, 5 years before they were comfortable farting in front of each other. I just couldn't fathom it.

Camy Tang said...

FIVE years??? I think we would have exploded with trying to keep in our gas.

Need More Words said...

I appreciate the openness, it made me laugh, it was all so true. Makes me want to hand my husband a diet Pepsi so I can hear him burp.

Danica/Dream said...

Oh Camy... you crazy fool.

Yes, we do it too, however, it does not keep me from complaining when hubby does it!!

Winter said...

Ha! My hubby will compliment me if my fart is good. And I'm just as bad as him in fluffing the covers when I let a stinky one. We have one we call the infamous mushroom cloud. If you want to know the story you have to e-mail me, it's too gross to post online! LOL!

Oh, and my daughter so far is Queen of the burbs. This li'l 7 year old can take some men to the cleaners with her burps!

Emii said...

Ewww I think I'm gonna throw up after reading these comments :S ...(:P)


Tina said...

I love this post. :D

CaptCaffeine said...

Nothing says "I love you" like a "Dutch oven"!

Camy Tang said...

ROFL! You guys are cracking me up. Everyone say hello to my hubby, Captain Caffeine, who thankfully has not "blessed" me with a dutch oven in a while.