Saturday, January 02, 2010

Time passing

I am always amazed that the year is gone. Wasn't it just yesterday, or may a whole month ago, that I made that New Year's Resolution?

It couldn't have been 12 months.

Time is one of the things we spend that can never be replenished. If you waste an hour playing computer games (my downfall is Mahjong), you can never recapture those minutes. If you buy a fancy dress, wash it, and realize it was supposed to be dry cleaned, you've ruined the dress and lost your investment. But I can earn more money, and I can buy another dress.

My resolution this year is to only spend the time alotted to me in positive ways. An hour of a game isn't lethal, but choosing the game over working on relationships with friends, family, and God . . .well that is detrimental to my overall health. So I'm going to be aware and make good choices. I'm going to lasso time and not let it get away from me.

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Emii said...

TELL me about. Actually, that's what my diary entry last night was about -- time. This year, I will NOT be spending so much time online, because I know how many moments I've missed out on in my life...