Sunday, January 03, 2010

Yearly Check-up

This time last year to the day, January 3, 2009, I blogged right here on this very site about my goals. I felt a bit nervous putting them out there. But going public must have held me accountable. Of course, I didn't get an A+ with each one, but I saw consistency.

Here they are again from last year below:

Writing Goals

1. Continue meeting with face-to-face fiction editing group twice a month.
2. Read and edit the entire novel I printed and take two days to do it.
3. Get novel proposal to its best, let it go, and stop obsessing. Try to get it out by Jan 15.
4. Develop plot line for next novel.
5. Ask and believe that God’s Spirit will lead me to the right stories/articles.
6. Be watching for a story for the Guideposts spring workshop.
7. Trust God. Trust God. Trust God. In everything.

Personal Goals

1. Become more aware of negative thinking and consciously fight it.
2. Expect good outcomes. Believe the best.
3. Guard my tongue being careful of my words.
4. Go to the Y four times weekly.
5. Make first thing in the morning quiet time a priority. Before computer time.
6. Pray for my husband daily.
7. Recognize joy in the little things every day.

Here's how I did.

Writing Goals

1. Yes, I did this. :-)
2. Yes, I did this. :-)
3. Yes, I did this. I also found an agent in September!!
4. Yes, I did this. :-)
5. Yes, I did this. :-)
6. Yes, I attended the Guideposts spring workshop. And the fall one too. :-)
7. Hmmm. Trust God in everything. :-( Not every single day in everything.

Personal Goals

1. I'm more aware of negative thinking, but I've messed up some in this area.
2. I'm getting better. Not perfect on this one.
3. At least now, I'm aware after I say something I shouldn't have....
4. No, I didn't make it to the Y four times every week.
5. No, I didn't always have my quiet time before anything else. Some days, it didn't happen at all.
6. Most days, I prayed for my husband, but not every single day.
7. I trusted more this past year but I didn't have total trust.

But you know what? It's okay. I used to think I had to be perfect to be loved by God, but that's soooo not true. Today at church a scripture jumped out at me from John 1. Part of it said these words ....grace upon grace. And that's the beauty of it. God's grace covers us. It's more than enough. Thank you, Lord. Your Grace covers all my slip-ups.



Snarled Yarns said...

Do you know how right you are? These are many of the same personal goals I have worked on this year. It's nice to know I'm not alone, and that from person to person the answer is still the same..Grace!

Julie Garmon said...

Thanks Snarled Yarns. I love your name. I smiled when I saw your comment. GRACE covers us all. I love it!