Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March 2nd - thinking income tax

I've been thinking about income tax. I've turned mine in and will actually get some back. That's nice. But this is what I was thinking about income tax: you earn money. You work to get it, and you have to actually do something and do it well to get paid. (If you don't do it well, you get fired and cease to get paid.) Then the government taxes you and you give your earned money away. I don't really begrudge the government taking my money. I just convince myself that my money goes towards a tank to protect our soldiers in Afghanistan. I choose to believe that my money does not go to one of those crazy govt. projects like building a tunnel under a road for migrating turtles.
Here's the thing: apply "income tax" to spiritual matters. I receive income from God in the form of grace, mercy, salvation, blessings, and I didn't do a thing to earn it. And He doesn't require a percentage back. He encourages me to pass it on. To forgive as He has forgiven, to share, to show Christ through my behavior. (Tithing is not taxing, but that is beside the point for this little exercise, so we won't go there.) So this month I am conscious of my worldly income, but rattling around in my brain box is this concept of heavenly income. And I think it'll do me good to dwell on that income and how I am using it.

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