Monday, April 05, 2010

Sticking to the Plan

The last time I wrote, I was preparing for a big writers’ conference and struggling to take my own advice when it came to pacing myself and setting myself up for discouragement. Well, guess what. I actually did it.

The day before the conference God allowed something to happen that not only slowed me down, but got me out of the house with a friend for a couple of hours. I accomplished things with her that I’d thought wouldn’t happen. Somehow this pointed me back in the right direction.

Once I arrived at the conference I stuck to the plan I’d made before leaving. I paced myself, let God open doors instead of giving into pressure to force them open (as if that ever works), and just enjoyed each day.

As a result, I had time to:
• Have new author photos taken
• Take a walk with a friend then sit for an hour catching up
• Be more available to those who were overwhelmed or attending the conference for the first timers
• Attend prayer and praise times
• Hear some new things from God
• Unwind after a stressful few weeks leading up to the conference

On top of that:
• I had less “low points” during the conference. Okay, I did cry once, but that had to do with life stuff, not conference-related discouragement or disappointment.
• I Appreciated a favorable response to one of my projects even more because I knew God had orchestrated it.
• I was more relaxed, enjoying each conversation, opportunity to learn, and surprise from God.
• The post-conference let down was much less intense.
• I went home eager to dive into new ideas and opportunities and actually had the energy to get started.

This reminded me how beneficial it is to make a plan and stick to it. What have you learned from similar experiences?


Lynda Young said...

What you said about letting God open the doors rather than giving in to pressure to force them open..this really struck a cord with me. Thank you.

Julie Garmon said...

I agree Lynda. Loved that point!

Jeanette Hanscome said...

Thanks for commenting Lynda and Julie! Yes, open doors are so much more exciting when God does it instead instead of us.