Monday, May 03, 2010


How many of us love change? Not me.

Almost two and a half years ago, I found out I have celiac disease--meaning I can't eat any wheat or gluten. No sandwiches with regular bread. No pizza (unless I go across town to Z Pizza or make it with gluten-free crust). No donuts (unless I buy frozen gluten free). I have to read ingredients really carefully--like wheat is in most canned soups and sauces. I had to totally change my eating habits.

For breakfast I had Corn Chex with a banana. For lunch, I'll probably have some tuna and a salad. I'm thinking about putting hamburgers on the grill for dinner(no bun for me unless I use a gluten free English muffin).

But you know what I'm discovering--even bigger than how to eat gluten free?

It's all in my attitude. Here's my new thinking. I still GET TO HAVE ice cream. As much popcorn as I want. Mounds candy bars--Snickers, too.

I have a choice about my attitude. When I start feeling sorry for myself, it ruins my day and I'm sure I'm not much fun to be with. Here's the thing with change. Sooner or later, it's coming to all of us. Life will go in a direction you didn't plan. Something will come your way that you didn't expect.

Just remember self pity is never a good thing.

Someone somewhere is going through the same thing.

We can use the hard things in life that happen to us to help others.

With love and a Mounds candy bar,

P.S. Anybody having to go through an unexpected change right now?


L. E. Neighbour said...

Amen! Excellent post. I've come to realize it's so important to keep a good attitude about things. I mean, if we have a bad attitude it doesn't help anything, does it? It just adds misery to our already-negative situation and makes things worse. We have to remember that the Bible tells us to be thankful to God in every circumstance--God really means it, too!

Gabriella said...

My family went Gluten and wheat free as well! It started with my brother who had started getting Eczema from eating wheat. The whole family decided that we would all go GF/WF as a better and healthier way to eat as well as being supportive! It's been about 4 months now and yes we've had our struggles here and there like eating out or being at party come dinner, I have to say I'm actually kind of loving it!
Gabriella Skory

Julie Garmon said...

Absolutely, L.E. That's so important--to praise God in everything!

Oh, Gabriella! Wow, so you understand. I felt better w/in a day. I bet your brother's skin is better. I've found a great flour called Pamela's--made some really good banana muffins. It's the Pamela's Pancake Flour--I bet your mom knows about it.