Saturday, June 19, 2010

Secrets to the Championship

Today, my son’s Nathan’s baseball team had their team party. It was extra exciting this year because they had won the championship. (Go A’s!). Apparently other coaches from the league had been watching our team play near the end of the season, trying to find out the secret behind why the A’s were undefeated. Our coaches, Mike and Scott, shared what they thought had made the difference, adding that they encouraged their own kids to apply the same rules in life.

1) Have fun – For as long as Nathan has played under these coaches, I have never heard them pressure kids to go for the win. Instead they sent the team out with a reminder to enjoy the game.

2) Do your best – Not, do it perfectly every time; not do it like that other player. Do your best. And the coaches could tell the difference.

3) Keep a smile on your face – Whether a player hit a home run or struck out, the coaches encouraged him to have a good attitude.

The best part I think, is that the coaches led by example. They enjoyed the season,
did the best job that they knew how to do, they always sent players back to the dugout with encouraging words, and kept every post-game recap as positive as possible. (“You guys got some great hits. Next game we need to work a little harder on our fielding, but all of you worked hard and played well.”)

Mike was right on target when he pointed out the importance of applying these same guidelines to life. Think about it: when you enjoy what you are doing, you can’t help but do a good job. If you focus on your best instead of perfection, your best will be even better. If you keep a positive attitude, you tend to experience joy whether you win or lose, succeed or discover that you have some things to learn.

We can apply these principles to our spiritual lives too by enjoying God and the path He has us on, doing our best for Him, and letting His joy shine through, regardless of the circumstances.

Which of coaches Mike & Scott’s guidelines do you need to apply more? How has doing your best, having fun, and keeping a smile on your face helped you be more successful? Thank God for being the kind of coach who wants His children to enjoy the lives He has planned for them.

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